Greenville Splash Masters Swimmer of the Year 2014

Swimmer of the Year 2014 Greenville Splash Masters

Troy McAlister was an easy choice for Greenville Splash Swimmer of the Year. Troy’s dedication, perseverance and commitment to Masters swimming is exhibited daily. Troy has been swimming with us for about 2 years and this past year he made swimming an integral part of his life. He comes to practice regularly, attending 5 workouts per week at both Caine Halter and GHS. On days he travels for work and even vacations, he finds another Masters team to workout with and then communicates with our coaches to let us know his training. When Troy talks about swimming, you can see complete joy transform his expression. When asked why he swims, he says, “it is the one place where I can truly escape the pressures and stress of work.” When he is in the water, he concentrates on swimming only. Troy loves to go to swim meets and this year he competed at YMCA Nationals where he won many medals and team points. Troy is always a team player by helping the coaches pick up relay cards, round up swimmers, organize and cheer his teammates at swim meets. He also helped to rebuild the pace clock at GHS. He has improved his swimming speed tremendously this past year and in the process lost 30 pounds by swimming alone! No matter how hard the workout is, Troy will challenge anyone to a 25 yard fly after practice. Just ask him, he loves fly! Troy is a business owner of McAlister Design Inc. and has a wife, Charlene and 2 grown children. His son Taylor also swims with Greenville Splash. Troy has an unbelievable enthusiasm for swimming which is highly recognized at Greenville Splash!

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